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About SaleBolt App

SaleBolt is a mobile application for Envato Author who need tracking new sales from the Envato Market fastest by the mobile push notification. The SaleBolt application also supports both Android/Ios and one account can be used with multiple devices so that you or your team can track new sales from Envato Market together. The SaleBolt application can be used for tracking all marketplaces like ThemeForest, GraphicRiver, CodeCanyon, VideoHive, PhotoDune and AudioJungle.

Track New Sales

Get an instant Mobile Push Notification when the buyer purchases your item on Envato market. Your total sales and total total earning also will be updated via the mobile application

Multiple Devices Use

You can login to any number of devices with one Evanto Author account. If you're working as a team or your agencies, then you can share Envato new sales income with them.

Multiple Accounts Use

You can log in one device with any Evanto Author account. It helps you track new sales with flexible work. If you're working with many groups or teams and want to track Envato new sales, this feature is suitable for you. 

Support Android/Ios

The SaleBolt application is a Cross-Platform App. It's a convenient way for you to track Envato new sales with many kinds of devices Android/Tablet/Iphone and Ipad. 


The SaleBolt application can report your total incomes by advance filtering. You also can review all your sales, author fees, purchases, withdrawals, etc. 

Offline Mode

You can use the SaleBolt application without having an active network connection. It's very useful when you do not have Internet connection and want to review your income.

How The App Works?


The application require you have Envato member account. You will be redirected from the SaltBolt app to a login page that we will provide by Envato Market, and once you have successfully logged in we'll send them back to the app.

Sync Data

The SaleBolt application works and fetches data directly from Envato APIs and stores your data in your local mobile device. We don't store your ID and Password or keep your data.

Tracking New Sales

The SaleBolt application will send push notifications to your devices that have authenticated when your Envato account got new sales. You also keep up to date about total sales, total balance, sales history, statements.


If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us via service@passionui.com

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The SaleBolt application made by the PassionUI team is free for use. We also are Envato Author so we hope this application is useful for people like us.


  • Tracking new sales
  • Dashboard report
  • Statements
  • Portfolio
  • Analysis
  • Multiple account use
  • Multiple device use
  • Offline mode

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